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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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another storm is on the way and this could be a bit different then friday's storm but don't under estimate it, it is strength, different does not mean any less powerful. good afternoon aim ukee washington. aim he jessica dean. mother nature not finished with winter just yet, winter storm watch is posted for the area we have live team three coverage with meteorologist kate bilo and kate, where sit all right now. >> i can say as we have seen in the data rolling in through the day, the snow totals have been increased. this will produceig snow across the vast man jotter of our region and war of it will be during dayton wednesday. here's watch eanning so it includes, portions of south jersey,burlinr , s counties and city of of south earn, pennsylvania and new castle county in delaware that expires at 3:00 o'clock on thursday morning. w said you cannot see this just yet, upper le sitting over northern plains, and that
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will move in the great lakes and secondary low forms along the coast and much like what we saw on friday energy then ansfer to the coastal le which will strengthen and throw back heavy snow on our area, that is going to be greatest impact with this, particular, storm, wly snow ratt damaging wins which was hallmark have the last storm but again, different does not mean any less powerful as we said. lets time this out. tomorrow eveni will see light rain, snow mainly to the north, rain in the city, this is light precipitation, this is system starting to move off shore but early wednesday morning, the storm gatri strength off the coast andnce it does there is center of low pressure moisture gets thrown back along the coast, cold air from the north and we are going to see snow break out. there will b mixture to the south and east as warm air is inject in that storm but notice banding that takes place, philadelphia points west, it then shifts wednesday afternoon, good news it gets out of here quickly wednesday
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night but not before producing an intense, sum of snow during the day wednesday. that would be greatest impact with this storm, snowfall coming up i'll she our snow maps to plan for just how much we will get, icing chanc is low but moderate wind and outages. not hallmark of this storm like it was on friday but that doesn't mean outages won't happen. even with less win still a problem, not what people want to hear especially those still without power, so we will send it out to meteorologist lauren casey live on the cbs-3 sky deck with more o ahead as far as power outages and wind, is concern. >> absolutely as were you just saying this is more heavy wet snow threat then damaging wind threat and that heavy wet snow is a factor, in the possibility, of more, power outages after we saw bay half million people, lose, p friday,t nor'easter, this second outages and especiallycause right along the coast where we
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see higher wind gusts concentrated to 50 miles per hour, and then where we're going to see that highest threat for heavy, wet snow we could again see some power outages so down trees, down wires are again possible because of the weight of that heavy, wet snow, on branches, on power lines, we will have wind gusts to 40 miles an hour on top of that so not intense, 60 miles an hour that we saw widespread in nature on friday but still with the combination of those wind speeds and that heavy wet snow and trees and wed damaging winds and we have ground that is very saturated so that could cause e up rooted a well. still plan ahead for the possibily that you could lose power as weeal with this, second nor'easter, in a t. we will get back to you and kate shortly. thanks very muc clean up continues from last week's powerful nor'easter, chopper three over bethel township delaware county where crew where is busy working to remove a tree
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that went crashing down into power lines. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is in springfield delaware the delawar county are still cleaning up tonight. >> reporter: yeah, ukee there non-stop clean up happening throughout the county since late friday and there are still many down trees that line streets and te of thousands of people are without power. take a look behind you you will see danger behind power signals so state police havec been called into drive traffic through this evening's commute in havertownou can still still easily spot homes hammered as cars that were just crush crushed wye a have the trees tha fell during friday's nor'er. to find in drexel hill, new town township and bryn mawr. in delawarehanywhere you go 48 hourser the storm, theris sti trees, and power lines. >> i have never seen anying like this around here.
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i mean, of this magnitude, it is every where. >> reporr: tree cutting crew s, have working around the clock to get fallen trees of of homes. and out of streets, but the isore trees down then crews. ate has launched a newh the project first we have ever done is bring in state forest crews inhe county. ese are crew forest fires b now clearing debris, cleg access and making road. >> reporter: clearing debris is part of the struggle in the county, another part tens of thousands of people are still without power. peco brought in crews to work around the clock, these are, crew from his chicago, the power company hopes to have most services in the county restored by midnight tonight, and a few have to wait until wednesday, to have power. and that the day, another nor'easter is expect to hit the region. >> they are saying that the wind might not be as bad but we are still trying to cle up from this past one so to expect another one is unreal.
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>> reporr: there is a significant scramble going on to clear debris and getturned bw comi up at 6:00 we will talk some are doi from alycia for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". here are latest power outages from across the region co is currentlymore than 42,000d businesses still in the dark. and ppl is reporti 4 outages and things areetter when it comes to atlantic city electric, del marva power and ps track the next nor'easter by dunn loading the free, cbs philly weather app available on itunes and google play. the families of the three victims who were allegedly killed by cosmo dinardo and his cousin on a bucks county farm last summer has filed ongful death suits. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is on the and she joins us live from our satellite center with more, chantee.
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rents are in all victims describing life after losing theisons they believe more should have been dt the accusedr cosmo dinardo from getting the gun. today attorneys for the of dean finocchiaro, tom mayo and jimmy patrick wrongful death lawsuit. victim filed a wrongful death next year. they were filed begins dinardo dinaankrwers, their sean bodies were found last july, buried on a farmnolebury, count. now that farm is owned bynardo'd according to criminal complaints sturgis was shot with the gun owned by dinardo's mother, lawsuit claims his parents, neglect to safe guard their gun while knowing their son had serious mental health issues. >> at least so-so site can begin to change to make sure that mentally ill individuals
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disturbed never, ever have access to weapons to kill people. >> it is undescribable the emotions i feel and loss. i i never thought would i feel this and losing my son. >> both dinardo and kratz pleaded in the guilty during their arraignment last december. their trial starts in november coming up at 6:00 mother of one of the victims talks about her son's life g it the nation. live from the sat center, chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today armed police officers, started full-time patrols of cherry hill public schools. the new patrols were in response to the deadly florida school shooting. last tuesday hundreds of students and parents, filled a cherry hill school board meet to go discuss safety concerns. township will pay for officers to patrol all 19 schools through june.
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serious crash with injuries is causing traffic delays on the atlantic city expressway. chopper three over the scene this afternoon in gloucester township. authorities say two people were thrown from the vehicle that crashed, off of the highway and burst into flames. their conditions are unknown, and the crash shut down traffic in both directions, between berlin cross keys road , and route 42, they are now, back opened. police are looking for person who fired a stray bullet that hit an elderly womain her southwest philadelphia apartment. it happenedround 12:30 this morning on the 7100f grant place, the 79 year-old bet came through a first floor window and hit knee. she was taken to an area sp ear relative in the house was not hurt. coming u on "eyewitness news" bill cosby back in court , joe. >> reporter: yeah, ukee bill cosby here, his legal team doing a lot of legal maneuvering, coming up accusatis
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prosecutors want to bring to the stands i'll see new three minutes. and doctors say it is becoming a big problem among teenagers, kidney stones, the best way to prevent them that is coming up next. and so hollywood's big night winners, parties, t stolen statues and made history. >>ans n now but thing to weath tn than 24 tracking another big storm kate's forecast when we come
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bill cosby was back in court today his lawyers are fight to go keep more than a dozen accusers, off the witness stan, for his upcoming , retrial. >> joe holden was in the courtroom and joins us live from norristown with more on today's arguments, joe.nd ukee y in court. first defense motion to december miss entire case for lack of evidence. judge denied. that next defense motion to
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dismiss over alleged prosectorial misconduct. also, denied. right now though we are in the middle of a motion for the government, to introduce what is known as prior bad acts witnesses. they say these prior bad acts witnesses would bolster the central witness in the case and allegations that cosby, assaulted her, through the use of drugs. and the ability to contentine sent. those are critical element in display as time wind down to the bill cosby trial part two. monday morning a hearing to flush out lingering issues before march 29th jury selection. prosecutors want to introduce evidence of prior bad acts, that means calling 19 accusers from a span of 40 years from an assistant d.a. says were subjected from the signature of the same purpose traitor. she rattled off a dozen descriptions of how each accuser felt after allegedly taking some pill, and falling victim to a sadistic sexual
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script, fuzzy, blank, frozen, foggy, and on and on. but cosby's high wattage legal team blasted d.a.'s office accusing them of misconduct and attempt to under mine, they maintain andrea constand the central witness shared details years ago of her plans to extort cosby for financial gain. defense planned to call witness to corroborate that alleged account but judge stephen o'neill sided with prosecutors and determined that a jury will make that ultimate decision. and once again prosecutors say that they are trying to establish a continuing course of conduct over decades, now cosby legal defense team including bill cosby left here just about an hour ago, they said nothing to reporters, we tried to ask them about how the day unfolded. they will be back here at the courthouse, for 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning where they will have, the attempt to try to sway the judge, to deny the
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commonwealth motion for introducing these prior bad act witnesses. that is very latest, live from norristown i'm gentlemen holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks very much. pennsylvania's attorney jennies suing uber after a massive data breach. lawsuit was filed in philadelphia today. it claims that the ride hailing company waited over a year to tell uber drivers, hackers had stolen their information. breach included a names, and drivers licenses numbers of more than 13,000 pennsylvania drivers. and in november uber admitted they covered up a data breach that affect 57 million-dollar drivers, and passengers. kate joins us now, and the sequel is coming up, right. >> yes, this is interesting. >> nor'easter part two on the way and we have not recover from the last one just yet, it is a 1/2 punch that really make it quite dubious for those still without power. >> that is sure.bious for >> still don't have power at my house i'm sure there are many in that same boat and
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wondering will it be restored before this next storm hits because not only as lauren told you could we see new outages but certainly this could delay any restoration efforts that are currently in progress. lets get in to it and talk about what we know and what we are still working out with this system. slightly different set up then what we saw friday. parties good. the wind threat damaging wind threat not as high, there will be winds, nor'easter after all but not talking 60, 70-mile an hour wind gust was this system the snow threat does appear to be higher. here's what we see, upper low swirling over portions of the northern plains, snow over minnesota, wisconsin now that piece of energy starts to drift east, we are watching a new low form off a coast as we get into early wednesday and that is system that will eventuly take over with the cold air coming in,ro great lakes, kind of feeding , cold air working its way in just as that moisture gets thrown back from the atlantic ocean. tonight, it is quiet.
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tomorrow most of the day, and then clouds build in and precipitation in the likely to start until late tomorrow night. tomorrow is fine, hopefully crews are out there, working on getting power back to those who don't have it, but as we head through tomorrow night we will see rain, snow and quick chan over, heaesthe ow lir 11:00 a.m. but by noon it is snowing heavily. we have rain working in as well. one thing we will keep an eye on is potential injection of the warmer air with this system, potential for sleet to hold the totals down depending on where you are but we are still working on. you can see that banding, darker purple at noon that continues right through the afternoon and this looks very similar to friday's set up we will get convex bans of snowfall here any area under one of the bans could see snowfall rates exceeding one or 2 inches an hour that continues right through wednesday afternoon and, dump of snow. even shore points but it does stay above freezing.
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temperatures in the mid 30's through duration of the storm but enough cold air aloft, that it will fall as snow and it will fall heavily that it will pile up quickly. between 9:00 p.m. and midnight tomorrow light rain and snow will begin but heaviest is wednesday from 11 to 7:00 that peak intensity couple hours could feature snowfall rates of one to 2 inches per hour, by 5:00 a.m. thursday storm moves way and late wednesday night this will be ending. here's our first call map we have level of certainty set at moderate. a lot of agreement this will be significant we just don't know exactly the spacing of these areas but as of right now philadelphia north and west we are looking at six to 12 inches, there may be a zone just north and west of i-95 where higher amounts could fall, the warmer air at coast will hold down totals just likely but three to 6 inches for portions of camden, gloucester, salem counties. as far as win threat is concern it will be net isable down the shore where wind could gust to 30 to 40 during the course of the storm but
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certainly not as bad as with our last system. so high certainty that rain will change to snow we will see significant totals but low certainty still on the exact track of the system and just how much snow will fall across the area. i can see us upping these totals for parts of the area as well but there are limiting factors mainly warm air working in will we see sleet working in as well and that is something we have to find tune stay tuned we will update forecast as we go where little piece of information but it looks like expect major travel problems through the day on wednesday. >> okay, here we go. >> appreciate it. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" we are learning about the dangers of the e cigarettes and effects on young people. >> also kobe bryant basketball native, oscar winner what about his big win coming up 59:30, don. give back the best way he can and kelce mini me, next in
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coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 spin ning for chuck, a little boy born with a heart defect that could have ended her life is given a chance how her incredible success story is motivation as her family gears up for the annual spin in, fundraiser. that story today at 6:00. meantime don bell joins us now, and, you know, you've got local sports connection to a news store soy times those things intersect. >> in this case we wish. >> that it didn't even happen. >> period. but this is where we are right now. these days shayne gostisbehere makes a statement every time he takes the ice, flyers key fence man wears a sticker on back of his helmet that read m sd strong, the letter stand for marjory stoneman douglas. florida high school was savagely attack three weeks ago. ghost attended the school for two years. yesterday he met with the hockey team after the flyers game against the florida
5:25 pm
panthers. seventeen people, who their lives, at sdm. >> to see their faces, that made it all for me and just like i said, just to get their minds off, you know, so many negatives and turn it into a positive. >> good for him. good stuff. why dress up like a football player when you can dress up like a football player dressed up as a mummer. this is landon. >> yes he turns two next week and this weekend he had a chance to meet jason kelce at an autograph signing, that is ike your outfit, man.ld landon >> i bet he does. >> yes, he is so little. >> put a little beard on him next time. >> yes. >> he turns two on the 11th. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. beyonce sets internet on fire again a post quickly made
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and deleted have fans in a frenzy. >> doctors say it is an epidemic, teenagers with kidney stones how doctors say they can prevent this painful condition. what a fun distraction during the oscars last night how the stars thanked movie go ers, we will be right
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ya know, denny's new remind me of my favorite bakery. you mean, denny's denny's? yeah, denny's denny's.
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♪ these are delicious. new craft pancakes. part of our seriously upgraded menu. now at 5:30. almost three weeks after the deadly school shooting a bill that would arm teachers in florida school, it is making its way through the state legislator. >> nicki batiste is in tallahassee where they are making their, voices her. >> reporter: florida state senate is debating amendments to the marjory stoneman high
5:30 pm
school public safety act looking to reduce gun violence >> we don't want armed civilians carrying arms, in the classroom. >> we're just saying that in select situations a very strategic presence that effect it. >> reporter: legislation would include a new marshall program permitting teachers and staff to be armed, after at least 132 hours of training. >> no kid should have to say to their mother, mommy, am i going to die today if i go to school. >> reporter: parents, students of the never again movement support governor rick scott's proposal to restrict gun laws, beefed up law enforcement presence at schools and met or detectors and he wants mental health professionals in every school. ryan was killed in marjory stoneman douglas high school two weeks ago. >> our message is simple, we must be last familiesloved won n the school.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: legislature has less than a week to get a bill to the governor to sign. while advocates support arming teachers they say their rights to bear arms should not be infringe around. >> you have a right to be angry. i'm angry with you. but we cannot our rights infringed. >> reporter: nicki batiste for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". u.s. senators pat toomey and chris coons announce bipartisan plan on gun safety today in philadelphia lawmakers have co authored a bill that would require federal authorities, to alert states, when someone fails a background check while trying to buy a gun. >> our simple, common sense, bipartisan bill, would make sure that state and local law enforcement gets notification, because it is a terrific prediction of likely imminent illegal activity. >> people who are willing to commit that crime of lying on their form, in an attempt to buy a firearm hoff a criminal conviction in their past it is not rocket science to think
5:32 pm
maybe we should be concerned about this person, maybe state law enforcement officials ought to know this. >> bill would give the fbi 24 hours, to notify state authorities about a convict felon's failed background check. fewer americans are buying guns despite renewed calls for gun control in the wake of the florida school shooting some gun shop owners are blaming trend on the so-called trump slump they say americans are confident that president trump will not impose restrictions on second amendment rights, so less are buying guns. the declining sales date back to when president trump took office. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with president trump today at the white house. two reportedly discussed rising dominance of iran in the middle east. white house is close to releasing its plans for peace between israel and palestine, it is an issue that the president has said is a top priority. >> what better if we could make peace between israel and the palestinians. i can tell you we are working very hard on doing.
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that. >> police questioned prime minister netanyahu and his wife, friday, over his possible role in a bribery scandal. on the healthwatch tonight , kidney stones are increasing among teenagers, and there is new research on teenersers being exposed to cancer causing chemicals when they use e cigarettes. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on those stories. >> reporter: first is a study warning parents about the dangers pose todd teens who smoke e cigarettes, the study in the journal pediatrics say teens who used e cigarettes had three times more toxic chemicals then teens who didn't use them, some of those chemicals could be related to brain and breast cancer. effects of other chemicals are not even fully known just yet. >> it is so toxic that it is used in chemical weapons. >> these are chem californias. >> reporter: most recent data shows, more than 2 million middle and high school students were using e
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cigarettes in 2016. they are now more popular among teens then tradition will tobacco cigarettes. also tonight, the dramatic increase in the number of teenagers being diagnosed with kidney stones. now children's hospital of philadelphia has new research underway to improve, prevention strategies. seventeen year-old emma gall always had water bottles with her, drinking lots is a daily mission. >> it is very difficult to try to keep up with. >> reporter: high school senior has to drink 100-ounces a day. >> i will drink three of these a day. >> reporter: staying hydrated is best way to prevent kidney stones from coming back. she was first diagnosed with first grade. >> i had a lot, i don't know how many i had but in both kidneys and it hurt for a while. >> reporter: she's part of the troubling new trend teenagers with kidney stones. >> would i call it an epidemic >> reporter: doctor greg is a urologist at chop where there is a pediatric kidney stone center. >> stones in adolescence girls
5:35 pm
has increased by 5 percent per year. so it is a dramatic increase. >> reporter: kidney stones are heart pieces of material that form in the kidneys and cause severe pain when they move. it is not known what is causing the increase among teenagers but genetic and obesity are known to increase risk. >> we know much less about how to effectively treat children with stones because it is a relatively new thing. so we're actively developing projects, and studies, and programs to understand what is the best treatment. >> reporter: for now water is the best prevention. >> it is called hydrate. >> reporter: she uses a smart water bottle linc to the app that tracks in take. >> this is where i should be and this is how much i drink today. >> reporter: 37-ounces you have had today. >> yes. >> reporter: after having two surgeries emma's okay back to pole vaulting at school. >> my kidneys cause spasms so turf sit out sometimes if it hurts but other than that, i have been able to do, anything i can, which is great.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: now chop is part of the study testing ways to improve flute in take things to encourage teenage patient toss drink enough so kidney stones don't come back. doctors say that emma's a great role model because she's so diligent about drinking all of the water she need to take. she's taking medications that are used to keep those kidney stones away. >> wish her the best. >> i heard those are so painful. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. still to come tonight all things oscar including the mystery of the missing statue. frances mcdormand's oscar gets nabbed and police think they know who took it. plus when the ceremony ended the partying began. our friends at entertainment tonight takes us inside the big bashes, kate? well, we have got another nor'easter to get through before we get to the weekend but never hurts to look ahead. it looks like sunshine will be the story on saturday with seasonal highs, at least a quiet start to the weekend but rain turns to the area on sunday we will keep you posted
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the future is for the unafraid. ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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well, two none in profits are partnering to transform homes in northeast philadelphia. >> habitat for humanity and an organization called esperanza are repairing homes for residents in hunting park. one long term resident could not afford to fix his roof or his heater after he retired, habitat for humanity and esperanza repaired his home and covered the costs. >> something had to be done on my house but i don't have the money to afford it with social security check. >> non-profit bring critical repairs to 20 homes in the neighborhood along the north
5:41 pm
fifth street corridor. >> glad to see that happening. he started out as a comedian and now jordan peele makes history at the oscars. >> ya know, denny's new remind me of my favorite bakery. you mean, denny's denny's? yeah, denny's denny's. ♪ these are delicious. new craft pancakes. part of our seriously upgraded menu.
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hollywood's biggest night was mark by calls for more inclusive industry. >> big win tore make headlines at 90th academy award sci-fi film the shade of water. >> the oscar goes to... the shape of water. >> the shape of water also pick up oscars for production, design, and best score, director also won. the best actors oscar went to frances mcdormand for her role in three billboards outside ebbing missouri and her acceptance speech she asked all female nominees to stand and be recognized from every category. >> look around, everybody, look around ladies and gentlemen because we all have stories to tell and projects that we need financed, don't talk to us about it at the parties tonight, invite us into your office in a couple days or you can come to ours,
5:45 pm
whichever suit you best and we will all tell you about them. >> after her big win mcdorman was separated from or oscar and after party. los angeles police confirmed a man was arrested for allegedly stealing that statue, at governor's ball. actress and oscar were later reunited and she was able to finally celebrate with in and out burger. more on who police think took that oscar in a moment. another winner made history last night jordan peel e became first african-american to win for best original screen play forget out. >> even before his win peele was first black director receive nominationness writing , directing and best picture category for his directing debut. >> i thought no one would ever make this movie but i kept coming back to it because i knew if someone would let me make this movie that people would hear it, and see it. i want to dedicate this all of the people who raised my voice , and let me make this movie. >> and another oscar first went to lower merion's own and retired l.a. lakers star, kobe
5:46 pm
bryant, he won an academy award for his animated short film pure basketball. >> basketball players are doing more than just shut up and dribble. >> the 39 year-old basketball legend credits his mentors oprah winfrey and writer/ producer sandra rhymes for sharing their knowledge of the industry lynn manual miranda and, others walking in with that 6- foot sub was the best. another big moment was last night oscar came as a total shock to the, just audience members at a local cinema. jimmy kimmel led a group of stars from the oscars into the nearby theater to surprise them, and they handed out candy, shot hot dogs out of the cannon and thanked the crowd for supporting the movie industry. >> that was a fun moment that was a fun moment. >> after the awards came the
5:47 pm
parties and there were lots of them. >> entertainment tonight's kevin frazier takes us inside. >> ukee and jessica as you can imagine stars would be excited their wins. >> special spot on the show. >> but before bed, allison janne was all about the oscar party. >> we love you, frances, we love you. >> reporter: frances mcdormand went from triumphant to traumatized. >> is what up, everybody. >> reporter: police say her oscar was temporary stolen by terry brian alleged to be this man in the video he posted to facebook. minister dorman got her oscar back to join the stars who crisscrossed between the big bashes including vanity fair. >> we like to jazz it up. >> anybody that is available. >> i understand that jay-z and beyonce are throwing you a big party tonight, is that true. >> it happening tonight. we have, been doing something big for us tonight. >> reporter: while she didn't win mary j. blige hung out at
5:48 pm
a very secret location in the heart of the hollywood. well, almost, secret. >> jay-z is having an after party, at chat toe. >> you know bit. >> yes. >> first rule of fight club you don't talk about fight club. >> we the best music. >> reporter: nda, dj khalid track top off features this beyonce rap. >> ♪ party with the queen >> reporter: reportedly about someone who talk to the press after hanging out with beyonce so who wasn't? tiffany haddish. >> beyonce throwing a party. >> i got invited to the beyonce party. i will be like where nda's at. >> reporter: elton john raised the roof at his screening party to raise funs for aids research. >> it has turned into a main fundraiser, in america, and it is something we look forward to every year. >> reporter: we will have a complete wrap up, on et, including more, from inside the parties. i'm kevin frazier, new back to
5:49 pm
you. >> all right, get more on the oscar winners, speeches and all highlights, take a look at cbs where you can find photos, videos and more from hollywood's big night. >> back here at home the big story is kate bilo and this nor'easter that is coming in the middle of the week. >> a second one. >> this will not only delay power rest store racial, but send kid home from school on wednesday and just, a big problem, wake up to a snow day even if the heaviest snow hasn't start falling yet. definitely plans will have to be made, parents plan on a snow day wednesday get these shovels ready and major traveling problems all day, wednesday, especially during the middle part of the day when the snow will be heaviest lets start off with a look outside, and hard to believe we're talking about a nor'easter with a look like that. what a beautiful sunset. nice day to look at, windy outside nothing like wind we felt with last weeks nor'easter on friday but
5:50 pm
little blustery wins calming down and sunset looking beautiful, in cape may, lets take a quick look at our almanac and temperatures got right to 47 degrees, close to average, our normal is now 49, look at that record 79 degrees , wouldn't that feel nice right about now. unfortunately not a lot of that on the way. what we do have is more snow to talk about. is there not a whole lot to see right now. skies are still clear, cloud will increase through the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening a little bit of the light precipitation out ahead of the storm will start to move in. starting out as rain, light snow tomorrow night in the poconos but then, eventually this is going to start to move off shore, secondary low will form off the coast energy transferred to that secondary low, it blows up once again, doesn't look quite as strong as last one but as it moves up the coast it will throw enough moisture back into that cold air to create a brief but heavy thump of snow through the day wednesday. this will start as a rain/snow mix tuesday night, likely
5:51 pm
early wednesday morning it will be a light mix as well but then enough cold air moves in we are talking about shovel lable snow likely over 6 inchesr widespread part of the region. win threat, you can see storm still off shore spinning strong wind is a long the coast but damaging wind threat with this one not as pronounced as with the last storm last week. you want to know about the snow totals? that is biggest threat. it will cause major travel slow downs. we are looking at six to 12 inches right around philadelphia, points north and west at i-95, if we do tweak this which we may do as more information comes in tonight into tommy can see us edging this down possibly a little bit further inner to portions of south jersey but it looks like bull's eye will be in the nearby northwestern suburbs of philadelphia, including delaware, chester counties, bucks county and northern new jersey. little bit of rain mix will lit things down the shore. it depending on how heavily snowfalls if the snow is
5:52 pm
falling heavily at one to 2 inches an hour it can overcome that warm air at surface and pile up quickly. we will keep you posted. as of right now it is looking like we have to shovel in the lehigh valley, poconos, north and western suburbs right along i-95 and it is possible down the shore as well with a couple inches, perhaps. now win again in the as strong but as we head in the day, wednesday, and, and, and wind gusts to 30 and any loose branches or wires, compromised from our last storm could come down with this one as well even though it won't be as widespread. diminishing win, tomorrow cloud increase at 47 degrees and day for snow is wednesday, heavy snow at times through the afternoon it will be blustery thursday we will clear out and weekend starts off, better we are watching a potential system sunday into monday which could bring rain or mix, keep you posted and we have to springford as well, that will help it feel like spring a little bit, ukee and
5:53 pm
jessica. what was inside oscar nominee swag bag? we will have the extravagant list. and the internet is abuzz again a hoax about beyonce was quickly deleted but in the before sending a fans in the frenzy for second time in two weeks. we will tell you what is up in the hot minute with your heart doesn't only belong ♪to you. bye grandpa. and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help.
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beyonce and jay-z fans are on the edge of their seats after mixed message about a possible upcoming tour. >> plus even oscar nominees dent win all of them still get some lavish swag bags.
5:57 pm
here's bex from today's 96.5 with the hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and jessica, plot thickens, few weeks ago rumors swirled that jay-z and beyonce were hitting road together after ticket master u k accidentally shared a webb page from meeting an upcoming co head lining show. well, it happened, again, beyonce's facebook and master page, both shared this post of the tour hitting lincoln financial field than july 30th but within moments the post was deleted. power couple hosted a party after oscars last night, but they did not attend the ceremony, there were plenty of other stars there, some even giving us an insight look at how they prepped for the big day. color by your name star army hammer took us behind the scenes for hair, facials and scraping therapy to which he wrote, pain is beautiful. and, from glam to swag bag, the most save things definitely pampered and for past 16 years oscar nominees
5:58 pm
have been given gift bags this year worth hundred thousand dollars. so what is inside. a 12 night african safari vacation for two, dna kit for 23, can also, jewelry boxes and so much more. at its peak in 2016, a bag was valued at $230,000. either way it is a huge win for nominees and wasn't more for just best tweet from yesterday's oscar it was 100 percent going to mccauley caulkin who wrote actually the best original score have the year was new england 33, philadelphia 41. there is no bias at here but he definitely wins the night. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. an adorable toddler is going viral for her love of the former first lady's portrait. >> this is parker curry, visitor of the natural portrait gallery by new portrait of michelle obama.
5:59 pm
parker's mother said she was so amazed she wouldn't turnaround. mrs. obama responded on facebook, with a series of heart eyede maine gis. >> look at that, that is great that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 cleaning up in delaware county. >> reporter: north northe test has left delaware county a mess, i'm alycia nieves to try to get everything clean up before the next storm hits. that next storm is another nor'easter which has its sight set on the region, it arrives mid week and coming up i'll tell what you to expect, whether the winds will be as strong as just how much snow will fall. >> reporter: also they say it was wrongful death, families of the victims of accused killers cosmo dinardo and shawn kratz filed lawsuit and why they are taking aim the dinardo's parents. big work out to help little hearts, we will introduce to you a little girl inspiring others to spend for chop, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
right now at 6:00 o'clock four days without power. the drone watch three over crews hard work in bryn mawr this team from chicago is lending a hand trying to restore power to homes nearby after last week's nor'easter, tore down neighborhood lines. and it continues all over the region drone watch three captured what looked more like construction zone then a home in chester county and tonight, amid all of the damage we're tracking a new, nor'easter. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. you heard that correctly another nor'easter is heading right for us and could bring more snow, with it. >> kate's tracking the storm that could grind things to a halt on wednesday, so what are we looking at, kate. >> it is looking like significant snow with this system that will be the biggest threat, hallmark of our last storm, was the win,
6:01 pm
win coupled with the wind and heavy snow couple with power outages. this time around


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